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CHS-0016 Elder Dragon Legend
Saturday 4/19/2014

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CHS-0016 Elder Dragon Legend












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Friday 4/18/2014

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Thursday 4/17/2014

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#93 at Circuit of the Americas, 2014

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#93 at Circuit of the Americas, 2014

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gvozdiShe: Pastorale
Wednesday 4/16/2014

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Tuesday 4/15/2014

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日常よりも、彼女よりも、その先に、 (by KokuuDD)
Monday 4/14/2014

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日常よりも、彼女よりも、その先に、 (by KokuuDD)

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Saturday 4/12/2014

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Tuesday 4/8/2014

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The OLS house, Stuttgard, Germany by J. Mayer H. und Partner | via

The OLS house is a 488m2 3-storey family home designed by J. Mayer H. und Partner as a modern concrete home full of angles and voids that still incorporates a gabled roofline to blend with the surrounding more traditional 1960s homes. Located near Stuttgart, Germany on a hillside, the home is a reinforced concrete construction with a facade of a one heat insulating compound system and large expanses of aluminum and glass windows overlooking the valley beyond. The ground level of the home consists of the foyer, utility room and spa while the second storey is the social zone and the third storey is the private volume.

Slats and anti glare sheeting offer integrated sun protection to the home, protecting it from the summer’s heat and while the shell of the home is concrete, the interior walls are drywall and the floor is a seamless layer of screed. The roof was built with a preweathered zinc plate cladding, fitted with solar panels.

Photography: David Franck

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La Luge, Quebec, Canada by yh2 architects | via

Nestled deep in the Quebec forest, La Luge is a vacation home that allows visitors to live directly amid the wonders of nature. Created by yh2 architects, the home was constructed out of cedar, oak, and walnut, with the darker and lighter woods separated into different sections to create very distinct spaces.

The house concept was designed to be flexible in order to accommodate a large number of guests. The division of rooms can be reconfigured with sliding doors that open up or divide the areas off into smaller living spaces. Specifically, the children’s room can be transformed into a playground that opens up to the main living space or into a smaller guest bedroom that is more closed off. Additionally, almost a third of the usable area incorporates a private spa.

Floor-to-ceiling windows create the illusion of being completely consumed by the surrounding beauty of the snow-covered trees on a winter’s day. The location provides privacy for visitors who can enjoy Quebec’s cold, but beautiful, winter while snuggled up next to the fireplace.

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